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Okay loyal readers (all three of you). I may have had a day yesterday that quickly spiraled out of control and ended with the need for a box of tissues. I’m shaking it off and moving forward. My mini-breakdown came for no specific reason. Just an overall boringly crappy day. It started with me having to work when I’d much rather be off the week before X-Mas playing with friends and family. It wasn’t helped by the horrific holiday traffic and level of stupid being shown by humanity. This alone lead me to throw a fit so horrific the poor man at the parking structure in Pasadena had no choice but to allow me to pass without paying the required fee. The residents of my hood where no help as they took up all block space leaving me no room for my garbage cans at the curb not to mention cutting my driveway entrance in 1/2. (Day before trash day is always a coin toss as the drive down the street leads to the question, “will there be room for my trash cans today?” The answer is almost always, “nope.”)

The one bright shinning light of my day was the delivery of my “sneak peak” of the pictures I had taken of Riggins of me. That was tarnished with the self discovery that I wouldn’t be able to share this pictures with many others as it would only cause discussion and rumors (on my behalf but not necessarily to my face) about why I don’t have a boyfriend/husband. Just add it to the list folks. It was started by others before you long ago. You can nestle it right there between, “doesn’t cook” and “has short hair”. (BTW my hairdresser once told me when she meets a guy the first thing she asks is if he likes women with short hair. If his answer is anything but positive she walks away. Ha! She is so cool!) Here are my, admittedly, over dramatic points as to why I now own professional photos of my dog and me:
* I don’t have super gorgeous photos from my wedding day looking all shinny and happy.
* I don’t have adorable pictures of my children in all their cuteness.
* No husband and no children does not mean I don’t f*ing deserve some g*dd*mn professionally pretty photos too — so suck it!
(I apologise for my outburst and unlady like language. It all started yesterday. I couldn’t be stopped. I screamed curse words I’ve never heard before. It was impressive. I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I have tourettes. It worked though … the car blocking my driveway was “magically” moved forward.)

BUT I will happily share my sneak peak with you — enjoy. http://fusarophotography.com/blog/2009/12/riggins-sneak-peak/

I may consider it the best money I’ve ever spent!