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When I send messages via my iPhone there is a templatized sign off that says “Sent from my iPhone.” Some people choose to take that message off. Probably to try and fool their boss into thinking they are at their desk working vs. off shopping or something equally as non-worky. I choose to leave it on. The main reason is my lack of skill on the mini iPhone keyboard is shocking. That paired with my lack of spelling skills equals nothin’ but pure email comedy. If you don’t know, the iPhone will often try and predict what word you are typing and if you aren’t paying close attention (and I never am) then your message is often littered with odd nonsensical words. The ending message, that I am typing and sending the email by phone (vs a human sized keyboard and computer), gives my readers the security that I’m not having a stroke but instead they need to do some iPhone to human translation.

My super creative friend Martha has revised her ending message to say, “sent from my bra.” HA! HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THAT? I giggle every single time I read it. I’m angry that I can’t do something equally fun and creative since I often use my iPhone to write work messages. Of course Martha uses her iPhone email for work and yet, somehow, it seems totally acceptable when coming from her!

What would my email sign off be if I was as creative and free as Martha?

* Sent from your butt.
* Sent from my butt.
* Sent from the middle ring (of the three available).
* Translated from Riggins thoughts.
* Sent from deep within the Rabbit’s hole.
* Sent while climbing a crazy large beanstalk.
* Sent from a yet to be named planet.
* Sent from A Beautiful Mind.
* Sent from a keyboard designed for fairies and small elves.

Thoughts? Suggestions?