Just wanted to let you know that as TV shows come out of their holiday hiatus I stand strongly by my choices of top 10 (see postings below). Well somewhat strongly as I feel I need to add Special Agent Anthony from NCIS. Darn my dad for getting me hooked on that show. In fact I love all the characters from that show except Abby. I may be the only NCIS watcher to dislike her. That wacky crazy scientist chick thing is annoying. I find it hard to believe that someone in a mini skirt, dog collar, and unhealthy caffeine addiction would be taken seriously in a male driven corporate environment. No matter how good she was at her job. (I speak from experience.)

Now that I’m talking NCIS I adore LL Cool J. I have no idea what his character name is so I can’t officially put him on the list but I still adore him.

I heart Kendall.