Awhile back (long while back) I posted about the fancy work out classes I had started to attend called The Bar Method (http://meandriggins.blogspot.com/2009/12/i-got-somethin-you-can-hold.html).

I’d like to take it back. Not because they aren’t brilliant — because they are. Not because the workout doesn’t work — because it does. Not because the people aren’t crazy nice — because they are. The problem is too many people know about this little gem in Pasadena now. I tried to sign up for tomorrow night’s class and “GASP” had to go on the wait list.

Now I’d never wish anything but “great business” to the super nice co-owners and I’m very excited things are going well for them, BUT you can’t get me addicted to a work out and then take it away from me.

Now the problem, as I see it, due to my work location I only have the option of attending one class during the day. The late, and most likely most popular, last class of the day. The obvious solution is to get a job closer to downtown Pasadena. Personally I suggest JPL but my lack of science background and skill is proving to be a problem with that goal. Therefore, I put it out for all of you to help with. Let’s get Wendy a job close to the Pasadena Bar Method studio so she can be fit AND happy!