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There is this nice guy on Match.com that keeps emailing me. You know my theory on email … it’s useless. You have to meet. I have maxed out on my back and forth chit chat and was going to ask him to meet for drinks.

First I had to look where he lived. I’ve never heard of Rosamond, CA so looked it up. (See map.)

IT’S ALIEN TERRITORY PEOPLE. ALIEN TERRITORY. I mean ignore that it is on a military base (which means if I’d lived there I’d probably get along with no one and be given some sort of scarlet rebel sign to wear so they could easily identify me … not that I’m against the military. I’m not at all. Thank whatever god you believe in that these people exist. I’m just not one of them. I don’t do well being bossed around and I’m HORRIBLE at mindlessly doing what I’m told. Again not that, that is a bad trait, I just don’t react well to it. Let’s call it a personality clash. On the other hand I’m BRILLIANT at bossing people around. Is there a way to join the military and skip everything and just become the boss?), ignore the fact that the nearest Target is most likely hours vs. miles away, ignore the fact that it is practically an overnight weekend trip to any actual “city”, it’s ALIEN TERRITORY PEOPLE.

Would it be considered insane if in my next correspondence I wrote, “I’m sorry to stop this before it begins but I’m too afraid of being abducted to date you.” Does that sound crazy?

(I can’t figure out how I started underlining this post … please ignore.)