The only time I really listen to my iPod is when I’m running or walking Riggins. Although my taste run from musical to rap I tend to gravitate toward songs that I can dream to which makes running a wee bit easier. Here are my two current favorites:

1. Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz. I don’t know who Taio Cruz is but he has a few songs featured on my running list. In general hip hop lends itself to being a great running companion. The beat is obvious, strong, and usually just my jogging speed. Add a dash of bad boy flare and I’m all in. This song has a bonus special of Ludacris referring to something as ludicrous. Ha! Kisses to him and Taio (whoever that dude is).

2. Now the theme of that last song and my last blog post may have you questioning my mental state when it comes to things of the heart. Never fear! Michael Buble is here! I have a soft spot for dreamy deep velvet male voices and upbeat love songs. Cocky Buble fits the bill perfectly. His song, Haven’t Met You Yet, isn’t too slow to make it a useless running pal. In fact it’s uplifting message gets into your head and while you are starry eyed the miles just tick by (just make sure you are still partly in the game or you could get run over). Take a look (and listen) of him with his “I’m all that and more” charm.

Now just for fun here is 10 songs from my iPod from shuffle mode unedited. Just so you know I’m not lying about my range of musical tastes:

1. According to You – Orianthi

2. It Happens – Sugarland

3. When Love Takes Over – David Guetta

4. Replay – Iyaz

5. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

6. Cooler Than Me – Mike Posner

7. Break Your Heart – Taio Cruz

8. Savior – Rise Against

9. Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong – Martina McBride.

10. Evacuate the Dancefloor – Casada

Play along. Do a shuffle. What’s your 10?