My friend Lisa and her adorable puppers (AKA Riggins girlfriend) are, like me, lookin’ for a man. She, like me, has a blog dedicated to her search (well mine isn’t totally dedicated to “dating” but it seems to have that general focus 75% of the time).

Now a handful of months back I read on Lisa’s Facebook page that she was getting married. I was so happy for her! Then I read further and thought she had taken a one way train ride into crazy town. Lisa has booked a wedding venue to coordinate with the anniversary of her grandparents and has now enlisted … well everyone … to help her find her groom. AND let me tell you I take back the crazy train ride thing because this gal is workin’ it. She has brilliantly managed to find men who will actually DATE her vs. just swap emails/texts/etc. Every time I go to her site she had done something super fun on a date. I can’t get a guy to stop emailing and meet for drinks and she is having guys taste wedding cakes with her (I take that back. I could have gone on that killer yacht trip if I really wanted to). I’m telling you she is some sort of dating superstar!

If you would like to read a more positive (I’m not saying that I’m not positive … wait … who am I kidding … if you are reading this then you’ve read my blog and I can’t pull one over on you!) response to mid-30’s ish dating then head on over to Lisa’s blog for some fun!