On online dating you have to understand that men don’t have good pictures of themselves. They just don’t. I forwarded a match to a friend today and when she said he scared her I reminded her of this fact. I told her my standards of pictures for online dating with guys is really low. As long as they:
* Aren’t obvious gang members.
* Are fully clothed
* Have pictures that don’t involve 1/2 naked strippers, dancers, Hooters waitress’
Their pictures pass!

There is a reason why I have these rules. You should see some of these pictures. I’m convinced many of these guys don’t actually own shirts and most of them really really really should. Remember the guy with the picture of a naked chick in his hallway and that is what his main photo was — a picture of that picture in his hallway. AT LEAST once a day I see a picture that is EXTREMELY questionable.

Can you explain then WHY Chemistry.com felt it was necessary to NOT allow me to post the picture above. It’s from my visit to Martha’s art studio in Philly. It is art AND reflects who I am. I’m sure certain folks, like my mom, will be happy this photo wasn’t accepted. BUT I’m cute in it! I need a cute semi-updated photo and I’ve had a case of the photo uglies lately which means I have limited choices.

Maybe if I was shirtless it would be acceptable.