I did it! I went biking this weekend (finally). After getting all sweaty pumping up my tires (honestly soaking wet just from that activity), I loaded my bike into the back of my car, and took off for the LA River Bike path. Despite only bringing one biking glove I had oodles of fun. A strange and unusual experience for me to have … biking. It probably had something to do with my slow pace which will have to be challenged in the weeks to come if I want to get close to my normal Tri time (I say normal as if I’ve done it a million times — twice — I’ve done a tri twice before). This ride I took the time to notice the ducks and some white crane thing and the crazy homeless man drinking Jack and talking to himself. Then off the path weaving around Griffith Park for a total of over 15 miles! Top it off with the fact I was only beeped at once (It is beyond common for bikers to make their way through Griffith Park and most are at a much higher biking skill level than I am. It is well known to those who drive the area that bikes don’t stop. I understand that it is murder to slow down and unclip at each stop sign but even my patience is sometimes pushed to the limit. So I made it a point to slow down almost to a stop at every stop sign and only go forward with the car next to me so that I didn’t hinder traffic. Apparently a van-ish type vehicle full of rowdy young adults disagreed and wanted to see a full and complete stop. Luckily I reminded myself that I was on a bike and easy prey to a car full of nasties before my middle finger found its way to their rear view mirror view. I was soooo close. Whew. You would have found me wrapped around a light pole by the LA Steamers train.)

Upon returning home I knew my bum would hurt the next day but I was more worried about my lower back. My lower back has been KILLING me. That kind of ouch that keeps you up at night. I blame the running … because you have to blame something. I’ve had similar problems when I ran more regularly … yet another reason not to run as much. I cut way back on running when I started taking Bar Method class but recently stepped it back up for Tri training. I wasn’t going to take this pain lying down! Earlier that day I went shopping for my personal pain war. My Target cart had the following items:
*Epsom Salt
*Disposable stick on heat pads
*Shampoo (this has nothing to do with my back pain I just needed shampoo)
Add that to my bottle of Motrin and I was set! It worked! Sort of. I actually slept all night and my back just started hurting again just after lunch. I wonder if anyone at my office would be upset if I constantly smelled like Bengay?

Reminds me of a date I had (what doesn’t). The guy smelled of Bengay. I feel bad now that I judged him so harshly for that … karma.