The muscle that is on the back of my thigh (I have no idea what it is called) is screaming with pain. I’m fully aware of the reason. It’s from doing fold over two nights in a row at Bar Method.

I often consider just not going to class. What is the point of an hour long work out that has me shaking, sweating, and in pain for not only the length of the class but long after? Then I get a visual of my teachers in my head and think, “so I can look like them.” THAT’S WHY.

The picture here is of the co-owners of the Pasadena Bar Method studio I go to. Adorable right? Combine them, soak them in water, and I will STILL be heavier then them. Seriously their thighs are the size of my wrist. I will never be as tiny as them. EVER. First of all I my height alone has me TOWERING over them. I’m like an Amazonian in their classes (in a good way — like Wonder Woman or Xena — at least give me that — let me think my giant-ness can be spun into a positive). The only way I’m matching their weight is if I stopped eating and moving for 6 months.

One day a teacher walked into the studio to lead our class. She usually teaches at a different location but was checking out Pasadena. The second I saw her I thought “HER! I WANT TO LOOK LIKE HER!” She was crazy fit, no question, but not crazy tiny. Her arms were perfect, legs slim and long, and stomach beyond flat. Now when I start to think about ditching a class I think, “nope … how will I ever look like Marin if I don’t go?”. Marin is my body hero and my goal is to be just like her!

I read in the Bar Method blog that Marin (not to be confused with Marnie) is in one of the next exercise DVD’s coming out. She is the one in the periwinkle tank pictured here (click). Don’t you love her? I should just go ahead and photoshop my face on top of hers (not in a creepy way) so I can have a picture of my ending goal!

(BTW the guy in the picture next to her taught a class at Pasadena once. I’ve NEVER seen a room full of women giggle and try so hard IN MY LIFE. It was almost embarrassing. When the normally scheduled teacher was back the next week she had obviously heard of the transformation her class went through and as individuals in the class crumbled and gave into the pain she exclaimed, “If I was a cute boy you all would be trying harder. Didn’t think I’d hear about that did you?”)

So that is my goal. I’m going to Bar Method myself into becoming Marin (again not in a creepy way).