The Chemistry.com fun isn’t over yet friends. My subscription still has a few days on it. Long enough for this gem.

Now that I’ve hit the “resigned” button more guys seem to be noticing me. Oh Chemistry.com. You are so wacky. Someone today felt we should be a match. Here is what he says about himself:

In His Own Words

im a christian man,looking for a christian woman to share the word, and pray. also to enjoy life and have a good time while being saved. also to fellowship togather enjoy eachothers company share revelation knowlegde and testimonies.”

As you know under “religious beliefs” I’ve stated I’m an Atheist so this guy obviously didn’t read any of my profile. That’s fine. Most people just look at the pictures. I do find it odd that besides his lack of grammar and spelling skills he felt deeply enough to write this and yet market his religious beliefs as “spiritual but not religious.” You want to make a bet?