You know how they say dogs look like their owners (or owners like their dogs)?  I never thought that applied to Riggins and me.  We just look too different to look the same.  I’ve changed my mind.

Last weekend, a lovely 3 day aka 3 hiking day long weekend, I was up at the hill with Riggins and saw a lovely lady walking her Golden Retriever.  Both were summer regal and I was jealous of her Tennessee Williams looking frock.  She had on breezy khaki pants with a gauzy white blouse and a stylish tan wide-brimmed hat.  Her and her dog were a picture of a spring/summer jaunt.  The perfect complementary couple!

I wanted that outfit.  For 1/2 a second until I realized there is no way in hell I’d buy that outfit.  I’ve own one pair of khaki pants ever and only wore them on the job, when I was a plumber.  I hated them.  The last gauzy style blouse I bought was at The Gap recently.  I was trying to mirror the stylish look of one of the store dummies but when push came to shove I scooped up the black vs. white blouse.  I couldn’t do it.  First of all white or any pastel isn’t me and secondly white is a pit stain disaster waiting to happen on sweaty ol’ me.

So I passed the flow-y lady and regal dog in my tight black yoga shorts and black top with a (you guessed it) black baseball cap secured to the top of my head with adorable Riggins happily strutting along beside me.

Fancy lady belonged with her dog.  I belonged with Riggins!

Here are the similarities I discovered once I thought about it for a while (aka the hike that day):

* Riggins is black.  I am not black — but drawn to dark and/or basic strong primary colors (red, green, blue).  The closest I get to pastel is yellow.  Although a bright cheery yellow!

* Riggins has striking and bold colored eyes.  I have striking and bold colored eyes.

* Riggins has a broad chest.  I have broad shoulders (that would be even broader if I swam more).

* Both Riggins and I are deceivingly strong that isn’t noticed on first glance but upon second you can see the muscle tone (him more than me — if I’m to be super honest).

* Both of us have a slightly uncomfortable gait that smooths out when focused on a hill or race.

* Both of us have adorable short hair that can be easily messed up by sweat, slobber, or sleeping wrong.

* Both of us have big ol’ super white teeth.

* Both of us have long narrow faces.

* Both of us are super adorable.

So you see!  We do look a like … a bit.  Like mother like son!