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Before I start I feel like I should finish off yesterday’s post about hiking off leash.  It’s crazy and annoying that it’s illegal to have your dog off leash while hiking most mountain trails.  It’s a mountain.  What’s going to happen?  If you are a responsible dog owner (pick up the poop) and your dog is a well-behaved hiker (doesn’t wander too far off trail, continually checks in with you, and doesn’t harm fellow hikers) why can’t he/she be off leash?  I think I made a good case for how a dog is better behaved off leash in my last post so let me just add that it is not easy to hike with a dog leash in your hand.  It’s actually a royal pain in the bum.

I realize that those who want dogs on leash are technically, according to the law, in the right.  My question is why.  Are you afraid of dogs?  Fair enough.  I understand (I really don’t but I feel like I have to say that to win you over to my side).  Let me tell you how to safely pass a dog on a trail.  Walk by them.  That’s it.  Don’t look at them.  Don’t acknowledge them.  Just walk by them.  If a dog is off leash on a trail you aren’t the first human he/she has passed.  Frankly an off leash dog is the least of your ry=400animal/insect worries on a mountain hike.  Let me ask you what you would rather come across, a pack of domesticated dogs off leash or a gaggle (who knows what the real group term is) of blood sucking ticks.  AAAH.  I JUST GROSSED MYSELF OUT.  Ticks are EVIL vampire beings.  Blah.  So disgusting.  Do you remember that episode of House when that girl was really sick and no one knew why, except House who decided she had some gross tick related disease?  Then the pretty doctor (who is now a firefighter on another show) said that they checked everywhere and she didn’t have any ticks.  Then House raised an eyebrow and said, “everywhere.”  Then they checked and she had a tick on her who-haw!  AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!  CAN YOU IMAGINE?????  If I ever have a tick on my who-haw kill me.  Seriously I will not be able to go on knowing that happened.  Glah.

This post has gotten widely off topic.  I need to start again ….