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photo (10)As I mentioned in a previous post my friends threw me a surprise birthday party last weekend.  We had a blast.  They are all very lucky that I was dressed up to go out.  One of my biggest fears about surprise parties is having the person of honor show up in PJs.  I had even chalk colored my hair red (well pink).  On St. Patrick’s Day Dee Dee had dyed her hair a pink/salmon color and she looked AMAZING.  Her skin looked AMAZING.  Everything abut it was just AMAZING.  I was so jealous.  I had to give it a try!  I don’t have the same level of guts as Dee Dee so I used chalk instead of permanent hair dye.

At my party I got a lot of questions about how I had managed to make my hair so colorful.  My answer was of course, chalk.  The application can be best learned by asking your tween daughter how to do it.  Of course, if she isn’t talking to you and you still want to have a cool kid hairdo at the next PTA meeting you need to get this knowledge from somewhere.  I decided to make a tutorial video for all of you that find yourself in that specific predicament.

To help cut down on cleanup I decided to shoot this outside.  It just so happens that 6 month old Snowbell started her dog vacay with us today.  So this video includes guest appearances from both Riggins and Snowbell.  Also note due to dog distraction I accidentally film most of this sideways.  I stand by the fact that it is still helpful and just as good as any tween/teen how to video on YouTube.

Enjoy …. Alright I know it isn’t useful.  Once you view it you will understand why I didn’t try for another take.