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If you read/watched yesterday’s blog you know that Riggins and I are doggie sitting a 6 month old lab named Snowbell.  Ask anyone who has ever had a 6 month old puppy and a 6 month old human baby which is harder, that person will say the dog.  At this age a lab is a ball of hungry energy.  In fact, this will be a short post since Snowbell is trying to jump into my arms while I type this …

photo (11)Normally Riggins will spend 1/2 of the night in his own bed before moving to mine EXCEPT when we are doggie sitting.  When we are doggie sitting he sleeps with me from dusk until dawn.  I’m sure it’s his way of showing the visiting dog that he is the king of the castle.  So last night Riggins jumped up in bed with Snowbell not far behind.  Eventually, after some laps around the room, up the bed, and over my body, Snowbell found a spot at the foot of the bed and fell asleep.  Like any baby she was restless all night, and jumped all around eventually re-landing in a similar spot, always with her head on my ankles.  After awhile Riggins had had enough.  He threw up the white flag and made a beeline for his own doggie bed.  He didn’t even look back.  Just went AWOL without a thought of the men he was leaving behind!  Loyalty to his master be damned.  The kid was tired and had enough of this foolishness. That left Snowbell and me to fight for real estate on the bed.

image (8)In the morning Riggins jumped up and laid down next to me … as if I wasn’t aware that he was a traitor.  It was about that time that Snowbell realized there was no reason she should sleep on my ankles when she could just as easily just sleep so her entire body was on or next to me.  I hung out there for a while listening to two dogs snore in stereo before giving up myself and starting my day.

Snowbell went to Runyon for the first time in her life today.  She was thrilled.  In fact I managed to poop her out.  Even if it was for a very short amount of time.  I see a trip to the dog park is in our future this afternoon!