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Sir Riggins, first of his name, lord of the Isle of Squirrel, and son of Wendy the Amazing.

Sir Riggins, first of his name, lord of the Isle of Squirrel, and son of Wendy the Amazing.

(I suppose I should warn that there may be Game of Thrones season 1 and 2 spoilers in here. Although if you haven’t watched those yet that’s on you.)

I’m a huge fan of TV in so much as I watch a lot of it but I’m not a fanatic fan of any show. There is nothing that I “must see” as it airs. Frankly there isn’t anything that I can’t have sit on the DVR for a day or two. I blame Lost for this lack of enthusiasm. That show destroyed my TV soul. It was so aggravating. I remember reading an interview with one of the creators that it wasn’t their job to answer all the questions. Really? Then whose job is it? You need to at least answer a majority of the questions. That last episode made me so furious I could feel my blood pressure rising. Stupid Lost.

Riggins is not amused by me.  I, on the other hand, find myself hilarious.

Riggins is not amused by me. I, on the other hand, find myself hilarious.

Most of the shows I have loved, Boston Legal, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS have been forced on me by others. I am drawn to them kicking and screaming that I didn’t need another TV show to follow and that I just don’t have enough time to give up to more boob tube action. Then I settle down and realize that the shows are brilliant and add them to my DVR schedule. Last year when I was very unhappy I was drawn to sitcoms. I didn’t care what sitcom it was as long as it was 22 minutes of easy to digest “humor” with a solid beginning, middle, and end, I was happy. This year I’ve been drawn more toward the hour-long dramas. Things I can settle in and get involved with but not so much that I can’t check Facebook or flip through Pinterest while I’m watching.

The Gogreve girls with Morgan.  Cassie, Giovanna, and Shelby

The Gogreve girls with Morgan. Cassie, Giovanna, and Shelby

When my friends the Gogreves (better known to you as Morgan’s folks) told me that I NEEDED to watch Games of Thrones I tossed their suggest aside. They were brought into the GoT fold by their daughters and were mesmerized by the series. One day last week I went to pick up Giovanna and Morgan for some dog park time and she handed me season 1 on disc demanding I watch it. Here is the thing, Giovanna doesn’t watch TV. The ONLY series she watches are Nurse Jackie (she is constantly asking when it will be premiering) and Shameless. The fact that Giovanna had sat down and carved out enough time to watch not only season 1 but season 2 was not just amazing. It was as close to a miracle as I’ve ever come. That was what persuaded me to pop in disc number one.

Now I can’t stop! Darn those Gogreve girls and their dark magical powers of persuasion. It wasn’t enough they had to take down their parents with the series. Now they had me too! I can’t stop watching the show. I’ve given up my life and dedicated it to kings, queens, dragons, and wolves. I’ve NEVER watched a series one episode after another but I just can’t stop. It’s addictive.

No surprise the wolves are my favorite! In the first two seasons they are originally played by dogs but in season three become CGI, making them bigger and badder than ever. It’s my understanding that the wolves’ characters are much more important in the books. Giovanna’s mother is ashamed of us all that we dare waste our time on the TV series when the books are a million times better. She is probably right. 1. Because she is a mom and mom’s are always right. 2. Books are almost always better.

My favorite character is by far Tyrion Lannister. I’m madly in love with him. Sure he isn’t perfect but who is? He lives in a land where chopping off someones head is common place. In fact that normal argument of, “they won’t kill him off he is a main character” means nothing to the writers of The Game of Thrones. Tyrion is a charming bad boy with trouble written all over him which is, after all, my type (Sad but true. Admitting it is the first step to a cure.) It also helps that the actor who plays Tyrion is crazy good. Peter Dinklage can act circles around any cast member of Lost.

It’s only a matter of time before Tyrion comes up against Daenerys Targaryen (the character every man who watches the show falls in love with) and turns into dragon charcoal. The woman owns dragons. Come on. She wins! (I’m only up to season 3 episode 3 so this may have already happened and I don’t even know it.)

This entire blog is a really long way to tell you if you haven’t watched the series you should. It is worth your time. You can thank me by buying me a dire wolf or a dragon.