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I normally don’t post on the weekend but I figured you could use some fluff!  Okay … that was a bold-faced lie.  I know that Sangita’s (http://joshsang.wordpress.com/) children like posts about Riggins and I gotta give my readers what they want!  Maybe that isn’t as much of a bold-faced lie as a little white lie.  Oh well.  Either way I figured you might enjoy some Sat dog fun too.

Sit back and enjoy the escapades of Riggins and Morgan (Riggins’ BFF), Kings of Runyon (a dog park that is a hike up one of the Hollywood hills).

First to the hill!  As my east coast friends posted pictures of mounds of snow on Facebook the boys and I enjoyed a crisp morning hike in the Southern California sun:


Next stop was my folks house for a visit.  On the freeway I turned around and found them sitting like this (yes I took a picture while driving … it was necessary to capture the moment … I’m an artist):


Here are the two little cherubs with their best innocent faces.  In reality Morgan spent his time stealing and hoarding all of the squeaky balls and Riggins walked around whining for attention.



What’s a post about dogs without video?  Useless I say.  Let’s fix that right now!

Morgan showing off for one of his human sisters, Shelby: 

Riggins early morning jealousy: 

Making a run for it: 

There you go!  I hope you enjoyed your fluff break.