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Riggins harmonizes with sirens.  Not all sirens.  They have to be a specific pitch, but if they are he joins in as they zoom past.  This often happens in the car which amuses those around us.  You can’t make him stop even if you wanted to and why would you?  He is helping out our brave fire fighters, cops, and paramedics.  Here he is yesterday afternoon.  Note that Morgan and Miles (more on him in a second) think Riggins has lost his marbles.  Isn’t he the sweetest boy in the entire world?  I like the moment when he stops and snaps back to being Riggins.  It’s like he goes from Superman to Clark Kent in a blink of an eye.

Riggins and Miles fight for Wendy snuggle time.

Riggins and Miles fight for Wendy snuggle time.

Now the promised scoop on Miles.  Miles hung out with us on Sunday.  I nicknamed him Miles the Sweet because that is what he was … sweet.  He is part golden retriever, chow, and something else I can’t remember.  A true loveable mutt.  His fur is like silk so you can’t stop petting him which is a-okay with him.  He also smiles when he is happy (aka panting) which means if you look at him during a smiling moment, he will burrow his way into your heart.

Morgan, a notorious other dog hater, was mean at first but warmed up fast to Miles.  The two of them ran an uncountable number of circles around the backyard.  Morgan would follow Miles to the end of the earth … air humping him the entire way.  Morgan doesn’t know how to hump right.  This is a good thing as I never have to pull him off a dog … since he is never on one.  He skips the “mount” part and just stands behind the dog humping the air.  It is pretty darn funny.

Miles face looks a lot like Riggins did when he was a puppy.  It made me love him even more.  When looking at the pictures how do you tell Riggins and Miles apart?

  1. image (8)Miles has dark brown/black eyes while Riggins has pumpkin colored.
  2. Riggins has white on his chest and paws while Miles is all black.
  3. Miles face is tinier and younger looking than Riggins sharp angled snout.
  4. Miles has long flowing fur while Riggins‘ fur is shorter and lays close to his body.
  5. Miles is tinier than Riggins.

Miles, Riggins, and Morgan were the Three Musketeers yesterday.  Minus the time Riggins was howling and the other two thought he was bonkers.