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Here is a video of my attempt at a nap today:

A long day of playing poops you out.

A long day of playing poops you out.

Jax and Dragon have become BFFs who spend 99.5% of their time awake wrestling with each other.  The other 0.5% is spent following me around like a mini dog choo choo train.  Their friendship is apparently stronger when they are closer to me!

This is all well and good … except when the wrestling happens on top of me. Which is the case more often than not.

Dogs wrestling + daily blood thinner medication = paw size bruises.

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(BTW the current bruise on my arm pictured here is actually from Bear just walking on me while in bed.  The one on the other arm, not pictured, is collateral damage from a Jax/Dragon wrestle match.  The bruise on my thigh, seen here, is of unknown origin but I blame the dynamic duo.)