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image (22)I really wish this was a smell-o-vision blog post.  I really need you to fully understand how badly I stink (or stank, to be more specific).  Last night after Bar Method class (where I sweat like it’s my job) I came home and did some chores.  Finally I drug myself into the shower only to find I was out of body wash.  Kind of a relief really.  I had taken a shower earlier in the day and how clean can a person be?  I did a quick rinse and got ready for bed.  This morning I woke up and put on my hiking gear and headed up Runyon with the dogs.  Looking back I realize I missed the step where you put on deodorant.  When Dragon showed up he immediately peed on me.  I guess he owns me now.  I changed my hiking pants but really just toweled off the pee.  I was going to Runyon where the entire hill smells like dog pee.  I’d fit right in.  After a long and sweaty hike, which included me getting down on my knees in dirt and filth to get pictures of the puppers I headed back to the car.  Instead of immediately heading home to take a shower I went downtown to the Paws/LA headquarters to drop off some donated art for their fundraiser.  When I was finally heading back home it hit me.  I smelled.  Not good.  I smelled BAD.  It was somewhat amazing.  I’m shocked the dogs would even come near me.  Once home I ran in and took a shower using shampoo as body wash.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  I rarely use perfume and never do if I’m just at home alone, but I felt it necessary to spray a mist of vanilla scent on before getting dressed again.  Whooo weeeee.  Smeeeellly.

Since I can’t take pictures of my smell and technology has yet to allow me to send a horrific scent to you via blog post you will have to settle of adorable pictures of the dogs from this week.  Enjoy!  Pictured:  Riggins (you know him), Asscher (golden retriever), Morgan (poodle), and Dragon (schnauzer)

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