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photo (14)One of the things that I would love to have in my new job is the feeling that I’m helping society.  You don’t get that feeling when you are in sales!  I remember years ago having a meeting at The Children’s Hospital.  It was so emotional to walk through those halls.  It seemed wrong to try to push my bullshit product on them, but I did.  That was my job.  I wowed them with my presentation and demo skills.  When I got back to my car I cried.  I knew I had sold them on the product and I knew it was a giant waste of their money that should be used for good not evil.  It was heartbreaking.

One afternoon a while back, I filled out a ton of volunteer applications.  Selfishly I thought if I did some volunteering with an animal group those organizations I’ve been applying to would take me more seriously as a candidate.  Oh yah … and I wanted to do some good too.  Only one organization got back to me.  Isn’t that a pisser?  Here I am ready and willing to help and only one out of a zillion decide to take me up on my offer.  Maybe I should write back those other organizations and suggest they hire me as their volunteer manager!

The one company was Paws/LA.  Saturday I went to their volunteer orientation.  It was just under an hour-long which is perfect!  The thing I hate worse than not being allowed to volunteer is the need to sit through an 8 hour orientation before I get to work!  I’ll be honest I didn’t know much about the organization when I filled out their application and didn’t do much research before showing up on Sat.  Turns out Paws/LA is pretty special as it isn’t just geared toward feeding and helping animals but also, and even more so, to helping their owners.

You can go to their website to read all the wonderful things they do but to give you a quick snapshot the main goal of the organization is to keep chronically ill (life threatening) clients and low-income senior clients with their companion animal.  Often these people would have to give up the animals that they love so much and in doing so loose the friend and loved one that gives them the support they need.  Paws/LA is supported by volunteers and donations that allow these animals to get the food and care that they need so they can continue to bring joy and happiness to their humans.

Wanna cry?  Take a look at this video about the organization – 

Now that I got you with that I bet you want to know how you can help too.

Volunteer – So far I’ve just signed up to deliver food to client houses in the area but I hope to get more involved in the future.  There are a number of volunteer opportunities so take a look and see if one or more is right for you.

Donate – Cash, food, other animal type items.

Ralphs – “PAWS/LA has joined the Ralps, Community Contribution Program. Which means, every time you use your Ralphs card, PAWS/LA will get a percentage of what you spend! What you will need to do is go to Ralps.com and register PAWS/LA on your Ralps card. Our Organization number is 94269. Ends August 31st” – straight from their Facebook page.

Facebook – Like them on Facebook to hear more about what they are doing and how you can support.

“The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into our company, pets we allow into our solitude.”
– Robert Brault