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Riddick and his puppy - source

Riddick and his puppy – source

The first time I saw the trailer for the new Riddick movie I was giddy.  I LOVE Riddick.  I’ll often reference Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick in normal everyday conversation and the responses I get are questioned looks and sympathetic nods (as in she is crazy just nod at what she is saying).  I thought the movies were done and over with but I was wrong and Riddick was coming back!

Before I get to the movie that I happily bounced into during the first screening this morning, let me get you caught up with me.  Today my body said “NO MORE.”  There was going to be no hiking and working out today.  I took the dogs to the dog park and cancelled my Bar Method class.  I’m having one of those days that reminds you that you are old.  Everything hurts.  I have bruises everywhere.  I’m not sure from what exactly.  The dogs, my life, aliens, all the above.  I also manged to skin/bruise my knee while delivering food for Paws/LA last night.  It was one of those moments when you just feel sorry for yourself. “Why Karma,” I screamed, “I’m doing something nice damn it!”  As I fell down, for absolutely no reason, I knew it looked bad because I made eye contact with a guy walking by and he yelled, “OH MY GOD” and ran to help me.  I’d like to say that I tripped in a giant pothole but alas I just fell down.  Yesterday I also managed to tweak my neck/upper back area doing some move wrong in Bar Method.  Add to that the moves in Bar Method were a little different so lots of muscles I don’t usually work hurt.  The “dancers dent,” as my instructors call it (the side of your ass) is in serious pain.  My lats and side abs (I don’t know the names for those) are screaming.  Finally my abs want to give up all together.  Oh well … nothing a little Mortrin, Bengay, and margaritas (which I’m having tonight) can’t fix!

Now back to Riddick.  Since I was out of action it was the perfect day for a movie.  I walked in with my head held high and squished down into my seat in my movie attire (that looks like my everyday attire but add a hoodie) ready to enjoy movie number 3!  Was it good?  I liked it.  I think if you like the Riddick movies you will like it.  If you don’t like the Riddick movies who will have a lot of bad things to say about it but don’t say them to me.  You are the idiot who went to go see a movie I told you that you wouldn’t like.

Ready!  Start the movie!

Ready! Start the movie!

I had done my homework and re-watched Chronicles of Riddick prior to the big day.  Not necessary.  The only thing that you have to remember is that at the end of that movie he becomes the leader of the Necromongers (bad guys) due to their “kill it you keep it” rule.  Spoiler.  Although the movie came out in 2004 so really get with the program.  There is actually a bigger tie to Pitch Black but even that you eventually figure out if you forgot it.  The best part of the movie?  Riddick is back and this time he has a puppy!  Well it’s more of an angry zebra/pissed off hyena on steroids hybrid but dog-like.  RIDDICK AND A DOG????  IT’S MY DREAM MOVIE!

I have read (and don’t have the best memory so take this next paragraph with a grain of salt) that Universal didn’t want to make the third movie but Vin was determened.  He negotiated getting the rights to the character as his very own for a cameo in one of the Fast and Furious movies.  After that he borrowed money off his house to help with finances.  Someone already said this but I forgot who so I can’t give him credit but I do agree … at a time when stars are asking little ol’ me to give them money to make their movie via Kickstarter and other such things it’s refreshing for an actor to care enough to dig deep and get the money himself.  I have a real issue with Kickstarter (although I’ve happily given money to a number of projects through those type of crowdsourcing sites) but that’s a conversation for another day.  The point of all this is that Vin is an artist and you can’t hold him back!  I just adore him.  He’s so cute and looks like he would be giggily and fun to hang out with (I may be confusing him with Xzibit who I also love).  Plus if we were hiking and I got bit by a rattlesnake he could totally lift me up and carry me back to the car and to safety.  Swoon … I’m convinced he’d love me too and he would leave his wife/girlfriend (I’m not a good enough stalker to know which he has) to live happily ever after with me.

I give the movie 10 stars!  All for Riddick and his puppy!