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image (7)I think all my shoes have poop on them.  I’m not complaining.  I’m just passing on this observation I had yesterday while getting ready to go to Bar Method class.

If you doggie sit you pick up a lot of poop.  More than you would expect.

I had an ex-boyfriend who stepped in dog poop and was such a whiny weirdo about it he tossed his, not so inexpensive shoes, out the car door and left them by the curb.  If I was such a wimp I’d have to purchase shoes daily.

Sometimes I wish I could just poop wherever I wanted like the dogs do.  They have it so easy.

Don’t you think it is somewhat unfair that you have to pick up dog poop but horses and coyotes can carelessly poop up the trails all they want?  Coyotes should be held accountablephoto (5) for their poop.  With all it’s delicious 1/2 digested berries it is a huge distraction for dogs who are casually walking along and decide they are hungry.

I still believe it when Dr. Drew says dogs mouths are cleaner than humans.  I’ve been on paths with “delicious” coyote poop and dogs and have seen what happens.  STILL I believe him.  THAT is how much I believe in Dr. Drew.  Today is Dr. Drew’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Please enjoy these adorable pictures of Riggins, Morgan, Asscher, Dexter and Dragon on your special day.