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photo (16)I’m exhausted.  I have no right to be and I have to admit the 2 hour hike in Griffith Park with Riggins and Asscher this morning didn’t help.  Still, considering what I’ve done, my sleepiness is way out of proportion.  I’ve decided I have Shadow to thank for that.

Shadow was dropped off Wednesday night by her dad for her one night stay with us.  Riggins and I instantly fell in love with the sweet girl.  1/2 Whippet, 1/2 Doberman, and 100% sweetie.  Her dad said Shadow sleeps in her own bed at home but she would love to sleep on my bed if I allowed it.  As we got ready for bed that night Shadow sadly curled up in her teeny tiny dog bed that I had placed on the ground near the foot of my human bed.  She looked up at me with such sad eyes I had no choice.  It was only for one night.  I invited her up to sleep with me.  Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, or any skinny dog with a needle nose, like to sleep under the covers so that’s what I let Shadow do.  I lifted up the covers and she buried her way down and plopped herself down next to (or on) my legs.  She was happy as a clam.  Eventually during the night Riggins decided he needed to be in bed too so he jumped up and settled in.  By morning the three of us were as snug as a bug in a rug.  I could hear everyone snoring.  Everyone but me!  Sleeping with a dog at your legs isn’t exactly restful.

Shadow’s stay got extended and the one night became four.  Each time I crawled into bed Shadow was right behind me.  I couldn’t say no now!  Shadow went home yesterday so last night you would think I would have had a great night.  Not so much.  I missed having my little leg warmer curled up next to me.  Sigh … I can never be happy.

I thought I’d share Shadow’s sleeping positions with you so you can understand better what I lived through:

1.  THE SHADOW CHAIR – This consisted of me curling up in an almost fetal position so that Shadow could snuggle up against the crock of my knee (aka under my butt).

photo 1 (19)

2.  THE LOTION LICK – Once in a while I’d try to lie down flat and if I did that Shadow would just lay herself flat against my leg putting her in the perfect position to lick off all the lotion I had just put on my legs.

photo 2 (18)

3.  THE SCISSORS – This was the teams favorite sleeping position.  I slept at an angle giving Riggins room on his human pillow and Shadow just enough room to nuzzle between my legs.

photo 3 (12)

4.  THE BIRTH – Self explanatory.

photo 4 (8)

Sweet dreams to all the human and dogs out there!