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photo 1 (26)Last week I told you some of the crap things about corporate life so I thought it was only fair to share some of the nice happy things about dog sitting (which is what I am doing right now).  Enjoy!

*  Adventure.  I’ve been able to go to a number of places I’ve never been before.  Even as a LA native I had never visited these places before!  Some of my favorite hiking spots with the dogs are new to me because of having to find places to take them.  Elysian Park, Hahamonga Watershed, Upper Rose Bowl Trails, the zillion of Griffith Park trails, the old zoo, the list goes on!

* Exercise.  I’ve known for a while that exercise is the most effective stress reliever for me.  With the dogs I get in extra exercise if I want it or not.  Due to my dog sitting profile I tend to get very active dogs which means we all have to be active!  No room for slackers.

photo 3 (17)*  Company.  I never ever ever ever pee alone … ever.

*  Patience.  Never my strong suit but when walking 4 or more dogs at a time patience is a must.  Don’t even get me started on the accidents in the house.  P A T I E N C E.

*  Warmth.  I have an extra layer of warmth in the form of dogs whenever I’m sitting watching TV or sleeping.  I’m always very cozy!

*  Knowledge.  I had no idea exercise/yoga pants had such amazing dog hair attraction qualities.  It’s really fascinating.  I think my floor is clean then sit on it to put my shoes on and get up with enough dog hair on me to knit a sweater.

*  Stamina.  I now know I can stay up for 24 hours in a panic searching for a lost dog.  Silly Miles.

*  Outdoorsy-ism.  You know all that hiking?  Sometimes you have to pee during a hike and you are on a hill with no one but the dogs around.  I’ve gotten really good at sneaking behind a bush if it is required.

photo 2 (26)*  Riggins.  Riggins is an only child and would often show signs of “only child syndrome.”  He is still my baby (and he knows it) but he has gotten much better and is now very happy to be a member of a pack.  I’m always very proud of him when he meets a new dog or owner.

*  Tan.  From hiking.  Sure I have horrific tan lines in the shape of a tank top and multiple lines on my legs from shorts, crops, and socks but I’ve never been this tan in my adult life.

* Cleanliness.  I have to vacuum ever other day, or so.  I have now used all the attachments on my vacuum.  It’s very exciting.  How many people can say that?

*  Unconditional love.  It’s amazing to me how quickly a dog will attach himself/herself to me.  Riggins has always been my companion and there for me through thick and thin making me feel forever loved.  Now that feeling is just multiplied by two, or three, or four …

As I continue to hunt for a job that will pay me enough money to survive and allow me to breath freely, I’m thankful I was able to do this gig, learn so much, and be this happy!