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photo 2 (9)You know I dislike cleaning my house and since I have a zillion dogs coming in and out I have to do it all the time.  It’s exhausting.  Here is my current absolutely genius idea.  Starting tonight it is supposed to rain in Los Angeles for a few days.  It happens so rarely I’m sure it will make national news.  In fact, if I turned on the news right now I’m sure there would be some kind of “storm watch” countdown happening.  It just so happens my kitchen floor mats need to be washed.  Why don’t I just put them out on the back fence and let the rain wash them?  Then, when the rain stops, lay them out to dry? photo 1 (10) Isn’t that genius?  To tell you the truth my big mat has been hanging out there for a while already.  Someone peed on it and I cleaned it but felt like it needed to be aired out and then never brought it back in.  Not just anyone peed on it.  A dog peed on it.  It isn’t like one of my friends came in, pulled down her pants and squatted right there in front of my kitchen cabinets.  What I’m trying to say is this whole plan will take very little effort for me.  I’ll just have to add the little mat and then when it is all said and done bring them both back in.  Is there an easier way to clean a rubber backed kitchen mat I ask you?  Nope.  Great.  I’m glad we are all on board with this plan.

(Pictures of kitchen mats are boring so here are some pictures of Asscher, Riggins, and me on our hike this morning.)