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download (3)I recently changed my Instagram (@wnewell) account from private to public.  Since 90% of my pictures are of the dogs I decided I should be kind and share the cuties with the world.  Since doing this I’ve slowly been gaining followers and “likes” from folks I don’t know.  I love to look at everyone’s profile (probably because it is just a few sentences long) and their pictures to learn more about these dog lovers.  In general those download (4)folks that pay attention to my pictures fall into one of two categories:

  1. Dog Lover
  2. Person Who Works Out a Lot

download (1)The dog lover is a no brainer but why the health nuts?  I’m sure it is because all my pictures are tagged with the location we are at so there are a lot of #griffithpark, #runyon, etc. fans.  After tagging a picture I often click on it to see who else was around that day and the pictures they took.  I assume others do the same and that is how people are stumbling upon my dog pictures.

download (2)Anyway, those work out fans often state “God first” in their mini profiles.  Not being someone who looks to God let alone place him as my number one, I tried to translate this into language I could understand (much like when someone says they are praying for me and I translate it to thinking of me/wishing the best for me).  My first thought was that you are putting yourself first.  That downloadworks, “me first.”  Then I decided that sounded too Ayn Rand-ish and I hate Ayn Rand so I changed it to “humanity first.”  That still didn’t really do it justice so I gave up swapped out the d and g and got Dog first!  Bingo!  We have a winner!

Everyone that knows me knows I put Riggins first.  Even when I have all the other dogs with me Riggins gets priority.  He gets to go download (5)in the car first so that he gets “his” spot (behind the passenger seat).  If he wants to come up on to my bed and another dog is in his place everyone has to shuffle around so there is room for Riggins.  He knows what’s up.  He will stand next to the bed patiently waiting until his spot is ready for him.  If he wants to cuddle with me on the sofa I have to move all the other dogs so he download (7)can sit next to and then lie down on me.  He is my baby!  There are a few dogs he will share his space with and honestly sometimes due to lack of space he has no choice.  He is a good sport.

Riggins can be both a cuddle monster and an independent dude depending on what he is feeling in that moment.  I love when he is in cuddle mode.  Who doesn’t love a cuddly dog?  Recently a friend needed download (6)some dogs for her web series and asked if I could be available.  If you need dogs (or dog poop) I’m your gal!  The lead actor announced he didn’t care for one of my dogs (he is a good guy and really loved them all … but not all the same).  One of his reasons why is that she didn’t seem that cuddly.  He was right.  She isn’t much of a cuddlier.  Some dogs aren’t.  Other dogs NEED to be in your lap.  They have to be touching you or snuggling at all times.  Let’s face it as much as I love cuddle mode sometimes I need a break which makes Riggins the perfect pup for me!

Therefore I say … DOG FIRST!