On match.com, like other dating sites, you post pictures of yourself. I usually get annoyed at those guys who post no pictures at all but I think this may be worse. Now this guy does have picture of himself up … which is good … he is cute. Still, what in the HELL made him think it was a good idea to post a picture of some naked chick with a tramp stamp? I really can’t tell if it is a print of a painting or a photo but does it matter? It’s a naked chick with a tramp stamp. HOW IS THAT A GOOD IDEA? This is worse that those guys with no photos, or photos with ex girlfriends (blurred face or not) or the ones who are hugging strippers/professional dancers/cheerleaders/etc.

Does it really need to be said? I guess it does.

Online Dating Tip –

If you are a dude looking to make contact with a nice gal don’t put a picture of some chick’s ass on your profile.

I’m here to help.