I am.  Easily amused that is.  That is actually a good thing for me when it comes to my online dating life.  You have to be easily amused or you would slam you head against the closest hard object over and over due to who horrible it all is.

This weekend I got my hair cut and my stylist (brilliant by the way … if you need someone good in the area) was telling me that her dad had a heart attack earlier in the year and for some reason she was just overwhelmed with hurt and angry that he had not yet walked her down the aisle.  He is fine by the way … so she still has time.  It caused her to jump back online (she has been on before) and start dating like a mad woman.  She told me she knew the guy she went out wtih the night before wasn’t for her when he discussed how he once almost killed his dad.  I told her about the guy I dated who believed that we lived in the Matrix.  Yup.  That is the quality of men we are pulling from here!

Today I got a “wink” (if you are on match.com and too lazy to type an email you can “wink”.  I’m okay with it as I’m lazy.) from a guy that for many reasons is not my type.  No need to go through it all.  YET I will thank him for the wink and I will go out with him if he asks because of one thing.  His headline amused me.  That’s it.  That’s all it took.  His headline.  It reads, ”

Tact is for people who aren’t smart enough to be sarcastic…”

See.  Amusing.  Told ya!  As I know I’m easily amused that is all it took for me to ignore everything else in his profile that tells me it will never work!  Perhaps it is this lack of filtering criteria that leads me to go out with men who believe we live in a video game.  Perhaps I should think a bit more about that.  Nah!  The stories alone are worth it!