(I’m going to ignore that I haven’t posted in a long time and just move on.)

A few weeks back I became overly annoyed at match.com.  Well not so much at the site itself but at the “men” on the site.  They refuse, R E F U S E, to meet in person for a date.   WHAT IS THE POINT OF BEING ON A DATING SITE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO DATE?  No really.  I want someone to answer that for me.  I’ll wait …….  Sigh.  So in a moment of weakness I whipped out my credit card and joined eharmony.com.

It took me about 0.2 minutes to remember why I always shied away from eharmony in the past.  Let’s ignore the fact that their commercials seem cult like and move on with the cold hard facts:

1. They don’t allow for gay relationships.  This does not apply to me but morally it gives me pause.  You know … NOH8.

2. They are religious based.  I don’t know this for a fact just for a kinda rumorish fact so fact enough for me!  This was made more obvious when “atheism” wasn’t a religious choice.  You could be “spiritual but not religious” and if you read my blog you know my feelings toward that chicken answer or “not spiritual and not religious” which, by wording it that way, should really just say, “damned to hell.”

3. Their “formula” is obviously a big steaming pile of bullshit.  This is based on the “matches” they have sent me that just ignore all the things I find important like age, religion, and “want child” compatibility.

4.  HARDEST SITE TO NAVIGATE EVER.  I no loser.  I know my way around a computer.  You set me in front of a website or program and I’ll intuitively figure out how to use it.  I’m not bragging that is just who I am.  My logical/mathematical/physics brain takes over and it is easy breezy.  But this site is a DISASTER.  Honestly it’s navigation or lack there of makes no sense and drives me batty.  I feel like I’m in a different universe were up is down and down is up.  I often mutter “what the hell does that mean” or “why can’t I just go back to the communications page” or “why does that idiot I keep closing keep popping up” or “why does eharmony’s God hate me” or “grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!”

So here is the sum of my experience so far.

The guys still don’t want to actually go out in person for an actual real human date and I HATE EHARMONY!!!!!!