Riggins at Echo Mtn.I just got dog ear cleaning liquid in my mouth.  Not tasty.

I’ve been gone for so long I don’t even know where to start.  I’m tempted to just leave it at those first two lines.  Seems poetic.  I guess that would be mean … such a tease.  Let me get you caught up on the past 1+ year.  I started a new job and then quit that job.  The year was full of travel, hotel food, depression meds, and lots of wine.  I find depression meds have more effect when taken with alcohol.  I’m sure Dr. Drew would agree and condone that.

I’m now completely unemployed.  S C A R Y !!! (scary — I had to write that without the spaces to see if it came up on spell check as being incorrect.  It looks wrong doesn’t it?  Oh well.  WordPress accepts it, I accept it.)  It’s interesting (or a sad comment on our society) that when I admit to someone I left my job without a safety net the answer 85% (estimated percentage) of the time is, “Wow.  I wish I could do that.” or “You are so brave.  I’d love to do that.” or other such “you are brilliant Wendy and I want to be just like you” type comments (at least that is how they get translated in my head).  Apparently there are very few people in this world who like their job.  Isn’t that sad?  Well I’m on the search for a job that will make me happy!  If you can think of anything send me a note.  I’m up for anything (almost anything — don’t go all Dirty Jobs crazy on me).

Quick list of what I’ve learned so far in my first full week of unemployment:

  • Hiking every morning and going to Bar Method in the evening can really be considered a full day of work.
  • Rice Crispies are crazy delicious and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a tasty snack.
  • Duck Dynasty is oddly entertaining.
  • There is an AMAZING amount of people who don’t work during the day in this city.
  • Generic is just as good as brand name … stop being a snob.
  • You can buy soda in a bottle and pour it over ice yourself.  You really don’t need to go through the closest fast food restaurant drive-thru and order a “large diet coke with extra ice.” (I wonder if they all miss me.)
  • Despite what I’ve said/believed in the past naps are kinda awesome.
  • You can go through an entire day without wishing death on someone.  It’s actually a nice surprise.
  • If I HAVE to I can cook a pretty decent meal.  Add on pt – There is no good recipe/movement/grocery purchasing that works well for a single person.  That means I cook something Sunday and eat it all week.  This really isn’t new I’ve always done this but now I just don’t skip the corners (bake the chicken myself instead of buying one of those pre baked chickens — for example).  I feel like with the social dynamics of the US (or at least Los Angeles/New York) moving toward more singles living their lives happily alone this is a hole that needs to be filled.  Someone get on that.Wendy & Riggins Jan 2013
  • Riggins is the cutest dog in the world (not new information just felt like it needed to be said).

So there you go!  I’m back and hoping to post more wonderful tales soon.