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I strongly dislike people who don’t sweat. Probably because I’m horribly jealous of them. What bliss their lives must be to not have to worry what kind of fabric covers their arm pits while I have to constantly keep in mind that the material must look the same wet as dry. I can’t even think about wearing white. Pit stains are a bitch.

When I say I sweat a lot it isn’t an exaggeration. Really. Ask anyone. I have to use my napkin to wipe my brow if I eat salsa even a tiny bit spicy. Dancing makes my hair look like it’s soaked mid-wash. Basic life activities can cause my body to cry out of every pore. Can you imagine what I’m like exercising?

I’ve read many articles about Bar Method being a “sweat less” activity. A great thing to do on your lunch break with no need for a shower post work-out. Pisses me off. Within 15 minutes of class sweat is dripping off my nose and plopping onto the carpeted studio floor.

Running. Forget about it. Drenched.

Hiking. I’m a walking salt lick for Riggins.

Swimming. Oh how I love swimming. In the pool we are all equal. No one is starring at me thinking, “wow, that freak is going to die of dehydration.” No one can tell how much I sweat. The pool is the great sweat equalizer and that makes it beautiful!