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image (2)It’s already March 12th, which means I only have 13 more days to finish up my 39 Acts of Kindness.  I’m much more confident that I will make it now than I was at the beginning of this adventure!  A few more packages hit their targets this weekend and I wanted to tell you about them.  These were less of a bomb and more of a Wendy Firework of Kindness!

27 – Boys like Star Wars.  It’s true.  At least I think it is true.  One of my good friends has two very sweet boys.  One has a ton of allergies so I didn’t want to chance cooking for him.  His mom is a saint and always has snacks, allergy-free treats and such on hand at parties.  That way while the other children are gorging themselves on birthday cake her son isn’t left out of the sugar high fun.  I was afraid if I cooked for him I’d accidentally include something he was allergic to and be the reason for an attack.  At the beginning of the year when I had that horrible allergic reaction to some medication I was taking the first thing I thought was, “Poor Josh!  Is this what that poor child has to live through?  The fear of feeling this horrific just by eating a cheeseburger?”  Honestly Josh doesn’t seem to care.  He is the brightest most well-adjusted boy I know.  Just the kind of guy who deserves an act of kindness.

Of course if I sent something to Josh I couldn’t leave out his adorable younger brother, Benji.  Benjiimage (1) has only been to my house once.  He was an infant and sat (blob baby style) on one of my lawn chairs as Riggins growled and barked at him.  Riggins was letting him know that he did not appreciate being overshadowed by such ridiculous cuteness.  Benji is now big enough he could probably wrestle Riggins into a headlock.  In a man vs. beast match my money would be on Benji!

After much deliberation I finally settled on sending the boys school supplies.  To make them a wee bit fun I got Star Wars themed pencils and erasers.  That should help cheer up homework time! (I sealed them up in their envelope before taking a picture.  You will just have to take my word that those items are in that big white envelope!)

#28 – 31 – The mustache makes the man.  I’m slightly obsessed with the mustache craze that is happening right now.  Obsessed in so much that every time I see a mustache product I laugh and laugh but don’t actually buy it.  While cruising Amazon I came across a ridiculously good deal on temporary tattoo finger mustaches.  SOLD! (Btw if you shop photo (6)Amazon and gain access through this link – http://giveawaytrain.com/Amazon – you will be supporting my sister’s mommy blog.  So you should do that.)  I clicked “add to basket” and eagerly waited for its arrival.  Once I had it in my hot little hands I cut it down to packages of two and tucked them, along with instructions, into colorful packages that could be easily mailed.  In all I was able to make the package work for 9 children.  7 adorable boys and 2 lucky girls for a total of 4 happy families!  4 families equals 4 acts of kindness!

I hope they had as much fun as Riggins and I had with our tattoo.  Wendy and Riggins, the next Bonnie and Clyde!

Act of Kindness Roll-Call:

To be continued …