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Ooooooohhhhhh …… after this weekend’s kindness acts I’m soooooooo close to my goal! image (2) I’ve had one blow out of a St. Patrick’s Day weekend, that’s for sure. I’m writing this post Sunday night to publish Monday morning. After writing this I plan to chug some pepto bismo and pass out! I think I’ve managed to survive the 10 million different alcohols. Although I have to admit the thought of Creme de Minthe makes me nauseous right now. It’s the horrible diet that has been my undoing! I essentially consumed pizza from Friday night to Saturday night then moved on to a taste of this and a taste of that, ending today with a giant platter of liquid cheese nachos. I didn’t even order the nachos I ate other people’s nachos and couldn’t stop! It was so yummy until my stomach told me it was really not at all happy with my decisions! So I have to type fast and move on to the remainder of my evening on the sofa.

image#36 – Darlin’ Children. It didn’t take long for my friend to jump on the kindness bandwagon and suggest I babysit for her to help fulfill my quota of niceness. Of course I said yes! I spent midday Saturday with two adorable little boys Gavin and Griffin. Our few hours together were spent making St. Patrick’s Day cards, green tissue flowers, and chasing Mushugana, the 8-year-old dog that I’m currently babysitting (them chasing, me sheltering her from the chasing). I’ve known both these boys since their birth and it’s amazing at how big they are getting. I know that is a generic thing that everyone says but everyone says it because it’s true! Soon I expect that Gavin will be able to drive me around town to do errands. (BTW based on these pictures I assume Gavin’s mom and dad have spent the last 24 hours listening to how great it would be if they owned a dog!)

Shug (Mushugana’s name with more street cred) and I returned later that evening tophoto (6) partake in my friend’s bi-annual drink competition. This one was, obviously, St. Patrick’s Day themed. I made a shot I named the Fresh Little Leprechaun. It was an equal part mix of chocolate vodka, white chocolate liquor, and a dash of Creme de Menthe (shocking). I topped it with crumbled Girl Scout Thin Mints (part of my two ingredient minimum requirement from a long list of possible edible/drinkable items) and added a custom-made (by me) toothpick stabbed through thin mints. Delicious! I didn’t win but I didn’t lose and that was my goal!

#37 – Expert Packs. My friends, Dee Dee and Krissy and I have been planning to go all out for St. Patrick’s Day for a few weeks now. We just couldn’t pass up the holiday falling on a Sunday and although I consider us a pretty fun crew none of us had done St. Patrick’s day “right” before. That needed to be fixed! Knowing that it is a drinking holiday and therefore drinking would be happening I decided the gang needed some first aid kits. I packed up some aspirin, added a sports drink and threw in some green beads for good measure. Since we were getting an early start I put these together the night before. Let me tell you the gals where sure happy to get them and no one got through today without downing a package of Advil!

photo (5)#38 – I said NO PINCHING. Ions ago I had purchased a packet of shamrock stickers from Michael’s at an oddly low price. So low I have to assume the were mis-marked. My goal was to leave them on a park bench near the pool I swim at but there was no way I was getting up even earlier to make that happen. Instead I decided to leave them at the subway station. More foot traffic there anyway! Although my goal wasn’t to drink too much, I’m a responsible adult and had decided I needed to find a non self-driven way to downtown LA and our celebration. Unfortunately, some brilliant planner decided to schedule the LA Marathon on St. Patrick’s Day. This may mean nothing to you but if you live in LA you know that the race road closures essentially isolate the North and South sides of the city. There was no way for a car to get me into downtown at the agreed upon meeting time of 8AM. So I jumped in a taxi and headed off to the Metro (subway) station. Once there I grabbed a ticket and headed downstairs. I found a centrally located bench and tied my bowl of stickers and it’s coordinated sign to it. Then I walked the platform handing out stickers to those in need. It was so much fun. Everyone was so happy. One little girl asked if I was a fairy (probably due to the green wig I had on). One woman asked if I was a city ambassador. Ummm … no to both but I should definitely be a fairy ambassador. That would be an excellent title on a business card.
image (2)

Luck was on my side and my subway car stopped RIGHT IN FRONT OF DEE DEE AND KRISSY who were picking it up a few stops down. Amazed we joined forces and kept on the sticker give away plan for the rest of the day. We had a blast spreading joy, happiness and green!

We did St. Patrick’s Day right! I’ll leave you with just a few pics as proof:

photo (11)photo (7)

Act of Kindness Roll-Call:

To be continued …