image (5)I had originally planned on writing this post yesterday and schedule it to publish this morning.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), my Saturday night was hijacked by my lovely friends who gave me a surprise party.  It was definitely a surprise and the minute they shouted that word I was happy to toss the rest of my plans for that evening and the next day out the window!  I didn’t make it into bed until after 3 AM on Sunday which means my Sunday was mostly spent doing nothing.  I’m not good at no sleep!  I can’t say I’m sorry about the change in plans.  The surprise b-day party was a blast!  Last night I went out to dinner with friends.  Today I’ve already gone to lunch and partied with margaritas with a good friend and later today my folks are taking me to dinner.  Go big or go home I say!

Will all these festivities I needed to take a time out to do a final roll call of my 39 Acts of Kindness for you.  I’m so happy I did this and would suggest it to anyone that wants to take on a challenge.  I think it would be a great thing to do with children.  Although I don’t have any, so I’m not sure how much of a struggle it would be to get a 6-year-old to take part in this kind of adventure.  What a great tradition it would be if you could pull it off!  It has to be easier to do 6 things than 39 right?

So, drumroll please, the final 39 Act of Kindness Roll Call:

  1. Sent a card to my friend Martha.
  2. Sent a card to my friend Jenn.
  3. Sent a card to my friend Parker.
  4. Operation Beautiful post its in the dentist bathroom.
  5. A pack of gum left on someones car windshield.
  6. Treats for the postman.
  7. Cookies for Gavin and Griffin.
  8. Dog bones left at Runyon.
  9. Cookies for Liam.
  10. Paper donation to the elementary school.
  11. Tutor Giovanna in Algebra.
  12. Gave a donut to the elementary school crossing guard.
  13. Donate clothes to Goodwill.
  14. On the go tea for students at the Bar Method.
  15. Treats for the gardeners.
  16. Cleaned the headstones of and left flowers for my great-aunt and uncle plus 8 others.
  17. Sent a Sudoku book to my Dad.
  18. Sent seeds to Aunt Susie.
  19. Sent seeds to Aunt Sharon.
  20. Helped a shopper find the popcorn at Ralph’s.
  21. Helped a man who had fallen down on the sidewalk.
  22. Tea party for my girlfriends.
  23. Read a book to the first graders at Gavin’s school.
  24. Left quarters in the wash machines at the laundry mat.
  25. Made a sack lunch for a homeless gentleman.
  26. Made collar flowers for Gabby and Sunny.
  27. Sent school supplies to Josh and Benji
  28. Sent mustache taboos to Logan and Kira
  29. Sent mustache tattoos to Jack.
  30. Sent mustache tattoos to Ashton, August, and Atticus
  31. Sent mustache tattoos to Henry, Abigail, and Nate.
  32. Lotto scratcher for Missy.
  33. Lotto scratcher for Darci.
  34. Dropped off items for the Pasadena Humane Society.
  35. St. Patrick Day corsages/boutineers for the local assisted living home.
  36. Babysit for Bryan and Cathy.
  37. Post St. Patrick’s Day party packs for Dee Dee and Krissy.
  38. Left St. Patrick’s Day stickers at the subway station and gave out to folks during the day.
  39. Left pennies at the Americana fountain for wishes.
  40. Put up Scatter Kindness tab flyers in the neighborhood

Not only was this entire thing a wonderful experience it really taught me how to keep myphoto (9) eyes and ears open for little things I can help with and do, during a normal day.  I suppose this could cause us to have a debate on whether human kindness is something we are born with or something we can train ourselves to do.  Either way it feels really good to do nice things.  I hope my adventure was not only amusing but helped you think of things that you can do as well.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!  I gotta go get ready for the next b-day fun activity!