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It could be record-breaking heat today in the valley of Los Angeles.  It feels like just yesterday I was complaining about it being freezing … no more!  The sun is out, the smog is thick and low, and it’s glorious!  Today on the hill I heard a man tell his wife, “look out there isn’t that a great picture?  The smog makes it look so pretty!”  We may all have asthma but we don’t have any vitamin D deficiencies.

I have one more Wendy Bomb of Kindness that hit this weekend to tell you about so let’s get down to business.

photo (9)#31 and 32 – I was working hard kindness bombing all the sweet children in my life that I almost forgot about those doggie mom’s sans human kids.  Almost but not quite!  Two of my lovely friends are single (Only in LA I tell you.  Both are bombshells that would have guys in line to be with them in any other town.) doggie mommies and I thought they deserved a splash of fun.  I got them each a scratcher lottery ticket and mailed them off with a little note.  Scratchers are so exciting!  There is always the chance of such happiness and surprise right on the other side of that silver scratcher stuff.  I hope they both win zillions of dollars.

#33 – Remember my tea party?  It was kindness act number 22.  On the tea invite I asked my guests to, if they wanted, bring a donation for the dog shelter and I’d go drop everything off.  My friends, the animal lovers, came through in spades!  Today, after going up Runyon, Riggins and I swung by the Pasadena Humane Society and dropped off the bounty.  Towels, cash, peanut butter, food, snacks, paper towels, and pedialyte filled up two giant bags.  The shelter was very happy to see all the goods!

I often make fun of the Pasadena Humane Society since it is BY FAR the nicest looking shelter I’ve ever seen.   It’s not part of a national chapter and is locally funded so all donations to this shelter stay local.  Sometimes I feel like I should be giving to a less pretty, and therefore seemingly well off, location.  But even with its spa like atmosphere I shouldn’t make fun as the Pasadena Humane Society as it does great work and does wonderful things with all its donations.  It is a no kill shelter that will not turn away an animal.  I heard the cock a doodle doo of a rooster when I got out of my car today.  They really do take in all animals.  I remember during the fires a few years back it allowed those that were evacuated from their homes to bring their animals there for temporary shelter.  They were beyond packed but still managed to make it work.  On top of all that they offer a number of programs from shelter to cruelty investigations to wildlife relocation.  They are an amazing group.

Speaking of animals … here was Riggins response to me this morning when I said, “Let’s get up and go up the hill.”  image (3)He wasn’t very enthusiastic.  He may have been on to something as it was very warm (even, dare I say hot) at Runyon and we had to tip toe around a VERY BIG RATTLESNAKE on the main path.  The ranger had blocked off  the area to help keep everyone safe but it was still pretty scary.  That is only the second time I’ve seen a snake on that trail and it was by far the biggest rattlesnake I’ve seen live.  March 1st marks the start of rattlesnake season in So Cal.  I sure hope it isn’t as bad as last year!  Keep your eyes and ears open and stay safe on your hikes!

Act of Kindness Roll-Call:

To be continued …