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Are you guys sick of these posts yet? We are a third of the way to 39! Just hold on a bit longer.

Thursday’s Wendy Kindness Bombs:

photo (7)*12 – Good Morning Donut. This morning instead of hitting snooze when my alarm went off I rolled out of bed. Half asleep I pulled on my running gear to get ready for my first Kaboom! My goal was to get to the corner (a few blocks away) donut shop, pick up a donut, and then get it to the elementary school (Different school from kindness number 10. My area is loaded with the things.) crossing guard who boldly protects young ones and their growing minds from the cars zooming through a very crowded intersection. It didn’t make sense to take my car. I’d just be driving into the horrible school drop off/work commuter traffic. It is very walkable, it’s just that length that seems silly to be walking without Riggins. Unfortunately, this was an act of kindness I’d be delivering without the dog. Food, crowds, children and Riggins are a recipe for disaster. Better for him to stay home. So I tucked my house keys and a buck into the weird little pocket found in most work out pants, hit shuffle on my iPhone and went for a jog. I opted for a chocolate bar. I figured that was a flavor that most enjoy. I managed to hold off buying one for myself. Aren’t donuts just the most delicious and evil high calorie things on the planet? I could really go for a chocolate donut with chocolate frosting and coconut topping right now! The sweet crossing guard seemed shocked by my delivery but after a beat was all smiles!

*13 – After getting home I rounded up Riggins to go for a walk and to stop by his favorite (and the most disgusting) dog park. Upon opening the garage I saw a bag of clothes that I had packed up awhile ago but had never made the effort to load up and take over to Goodwill. Today was the day! Riggins waited patiently in the car as I made the delivery.

*14 – Tea at the Bar. I often go on hot tea jags. It doesn’t seem to last long but while I’m in it I’m the biggest hot tea supporter you’ve ever meant. I’m currently in a tea phase. I had gotten into the habit of having a glass of red wine every night and although some Americans and most Europeans would say that’s perfectly fine it felt like it was becoming a habit that I needed to break. So I’ve swapped my nightly delicious red wine for a soothing cup of tea. To help in my transition I ran to the grocery store and bought a yummy green tea/berry flavor. Once home I realized the box looked mighty familiar. After searching through cupboards I found a number of boxes I had hoarded from my last tea kick. So, I decided to share the wealth and put together a “To Go Tea” tray for my friends at Bar Method. I’ll drop it off tonight and hopefully there will be enough for the class I attend, along with the two after that.

photo (5)Last night since I didn’t have any cake cookies to make I decided to take a break. I grabbed my tea and settled down in the sofa to catch up on some of my DVRd shows. Riggins took advantage of this opportunity and laid down with his head in my lap and fell asleep. Then started snoring. It was so cute! I wanted to share it with you. Turn your sound up and enjoy the very dark video below. You can’t see anything so here is a picture of his sleeping position post video when he woke up and decided I was a better suited to rub his chest than be his pillow.

Acts of Kindness Roll-Call:

To be continued …