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KABOOM!  That’s the sound of a Wendy Kindness Bombs going off.  Here is what happened today:

*9 – More cookies!  I thought that another little boy deserved some yummy cookies after schoolphoto (6).  (And the red velvet cake mix was on sale.  It’s always on sale have you noticed that?  I think it is because although everyone says they love red velvet it just doesn’t taste like anything.  Not only does it not taste like anything it is an obnoxious color whose deep dark pigment gets on EVERYTHING in your kitchen.  Have you ever made red velvet cake balls?  I have, and let me tell you afterward my kitchen looked like I had slaughtered live beasts.  I think it is a big hoax and the person who invented the flavor is cracking up about the whole thing.   I say all of this knowing that I just gave it to someone but I think the recipient family are red velvet fans.  I did add some vanilla to the mix to give it a flavor kick.)

*10 – Speaking of school … I stopped by my local elementary school and donated two reams of paper.  My mom was an administrative assistant for an elementary school for years and she seemed to love when people donated supplies.  The folks at the school seemed genuinely happy and as I left where saying, “we can always use things like this!”  Although I don’t have children and therefore no children in school I feel a kinship to this one as Riggins and I often walk by and the kids in the playground run up to the fence to say hello to the doggie.  Hopefully the paper won’t be used to print homework on but instead something fun like flyers for a carnival.

*11 – Speaking of homework … I’m helping tutor one of my good friends in Algebra.  She is taking a course in college right now.  I really like algebra.  I think it would be a little too much to say I love it but I “really like” it.  It is, by far, the best of the maths!  Now I haven’t done any algebra since high school (I received enough AP credits that I didn’t have to take it in college) so it has been a loooong time since I’ve solved for any X, Y, or Z.  I was hesitant to help at first but she seemed desperate, so I volunteered.  It has been going pretty well and every week I stop by her house to go through a chapter with her.  Granted the first few times I sighed saying, “really smart people would just use a fancy calculator for this.”  Now I’m back in learning mode!  (My friend is gracious enough to feed me a delicious home cooked meal each week so I am technically getting paid in food for my time and knowledge.  Last night it was super yummy chicken, veggies and rice.  Still … I’m counting this as an act of kindness!)

photo (5)There is one person who isn’t really on this kindness train … Riggins.  He seems to feel I’m spending way too much time doing nice things for other people and not enough time doing nice things for him.  He is truly a spoiled only child.  He decided to teach me a lesson by chewing up one of my St. Patrick Day headbands while I made red velvet cake cookies last night.  Little stinker!  He hasn’t chewed up a non-dog toy item in a really long time.  Riggins destroyed that headband.  I had originally purchased two rainbow (I cut off the four-leaf clovers protruding from the top because they annoyed me) headbands for Dee Dee and me to wear during the color run (http://tinyurl.com/aujmymj) but that just didn’t work out.  My new goal was to wear one to our St. Patrick’s Day festivities and give my extra one to a friend.  There is no more extra one …. sorry!  Enjoy the picture of Riggins shamefully wearing the non-gnawed on headband.

Acts of Kindness Roll-Call:

To be continued …