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As a former salesperson I’ve sat through oodles of sales meetings.  Ask anyone who has been to those with me and they will be able to tell you that I think they are crap.  The most valuable thing about sales meetings is the bonding time between you and your co-workers. This is especially valuable for those working outside of the home office.  The meeting themselves …. zzzzzzz …. snore fest.  Even those portions I’ve had to lead as a sales manager were useless.  Something about the stale air of a conference room makes everyone zombies.  Anyway, most sales meetings include a guest speaker/teacher who will impart his/her selling skills to the group.  This usually ends up in the good kids nodding their head in approval, the annoying kids fighting back saying it won’t work in our industry, and the bad kids (aka me) figuring out more effective way to pass notes to other bad kids.

I remember being in a classroom like setting at a conference and being given a test by our guest sales guru.  It was to show us how good of a listener we are …. good listening = good selling to this specific gentleman.  My friend, who was sitting in front of me, and I started laughing.  Laughing out loud … we were going to fail … we knew it.  I continued to giggle while taking the test as I could hear him mumble, “always,” “of course,” “sure,” “yup,” etc.  By the time the guru got to the part of the “lesson” where he asked us to raise our hands depending on how we answered I was in stitches.  Of course most of the room went with the correct answers while my friend and I decided to just be honest.  “Do you interrupt people while they are still talking?”  Our hands go up …. “I mean if they haven’t got anything good to say that isn’t our problem.”  “Do you sometimes judge people based on what they first say to you?”  Our hands go up … “To be fair it isn’t sometimes it’s always.”  It continued like that until a VP asked if we needed to be separated.  HA HA HA!  We were grown adults being separated in school like kindergarteners.  Sadly it wasn’t the only time I’ve been told I couldn’t sit by someone specific during a conference.

Given my poor listening skills I shouldn’t be surprised by Riggins actions on the hill today.  Please view the video below.  Note at the very beginning Riggins is the black spec near the top of the hill.  He is hard to see because of his coloring so you have to look carefully.

photo (1)(We are currently dogsitting an adorable puppers, Lousy.  I’m told that name was his dad’s idea.  I can’t make fun.  If it had been totally up to me Riggins name would have been Poopers.  Lousy is part pointer and part pit.  That makes him Riggins 1/2 brother.  Riggins treats him just like a younger brother.  I had to remind Riggins that when he was 3 he had as much, if not more energy than Lousy.  Like any little brother Lousy crawls all over Riggins and snuggles his way under Riggins and into my lap.  He is definitely a cuddle monster!)