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This is going to sound somewhat self-righteous and boastful but what can I say … to quote my dad, “I call it like I see it.”  I have identified an issue with my dog sitting skills.  Dogs love me.  This is all well and good but they don’t just love me they become protective of me.  This “imprinting” (think the wolves of Twilight — and yes I’m horrified I know this) happens fast and it causes problems.

image (2)Riggins and I are hosting an adorable schnauzer named Dragon.  Dragon and I just came back from dinner and when Riggins came in to say hi to me Dragon growled at him (and immediately got in trouble).  At the dog friendly restaurant Dragon didn’t want me to pet a fellow dinners dog and when I tried growled, ran to me and under my hand.  The other diner exclaimed, “wow someone is jealous.”  My answer, “he has only known me a few hours … how is that possible?”

Bud and Clover got in fights so badly that I had to find Bud another home for the weekend and I can no longer watch him when I have other dogs here.  Based on the outbursts they were both trying to protect me.

Lousy, who was nothing but a snuggle bug almost killed my good friend, Giovanna, when she came into my house and wanted to eat the roller skater who was hitting on me at the rose bowl (thank you Lousy … that guy was weird).

In fact I dare anyone to F*ck with me!  The dogs have seriously got my back.  Do not come close unless invited otherwise you could end up dog food! (Not really but you will most likely get the snot scared out of you.)

I gotta figure this out so it doesn’t cause any more problems.  Not that I don’t like being adored and loved by my furry friends but enough is enough!  I don’t think it is an alpha thing as all other “alpha” type behavior has me as the pack leader … I think it might be the photo (1)fact that I just love them.  Adore them.  Treat them as sweetums vs. dogs (against all of Cesar Milan’s advice).  How can you not though?  Look at those cute faces!!!!  Perhaps it is the kind of dog that has an owner who will pay for personal dog sitting.  Dare I say spoiled? Perhaps these dogs are just used to being the love of their humans life.

Either way I do love them.  They are all adorable and make me happy.  Even Riggins tends to pout when one of them leaves.  (And don’t worry about Riggins and Dragon … they have been friends all day.  Minor set back that was quickly resolved.)

P.S. – Due to Dragon’s name and love for me I demand everyone call me Kahleesi, Mother of Dragons, for the rest of the weekend.