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photo (12)Remember when you were a teenager and you could make a zillion of those friendship bracelets and wear them stacked on your wrist.  That was the best!  Yesterday I had a ton of stuff to do but instead of doing any of that I went to Michaels and purchased some charms so I could make grown up friendship bracelets for my friends that I was going to see that evening.  It was a very productive use of my time.  I originally got the idea from this Pinterest post … here.

They are as simple to make as you would think.  Although there was still a good amount of cursing on my part when things went wrong.  Here is what you do:

* Cut two pieces of floss 13 inches each (embroidery floss not teeth floss).  The Pinterest post says 18 which is ludicrous.  That length isn’t necessary unless you are making these for you elephant friend. (For those paying attention you will notice that my bracelet colors just happen to be the same as my last cross stitch colors.  Use what you already have I say!)

* Grab a circle charm (at first I hated the charms with groves on them but they actually work better by keeping the floss in place when they are on your wrist).

* Attach one floss piece around one side (loop, over, under, through) and then do the same thing on the other side.

* Grab a couple of beads.  I used ones I had left over from other projects (One of my bracelets didn’t have beads at the end.  Mistake.  That bracelet is already off my arm.  Use the beads even though the Pinterest site says “optional.”)

image (14)Thread the two ends through the bead and tie a knot on the end.  To make this easier I took a piece of wire, folded it in 1/2 and used it to help “thread” the bead.

* Wrap your beautiful bracelet around your wrist and tie a knot.  That’s right.  I said knot.  These are on until you cut them off or they fall off naturally.  You want them pretty tight so they don’t wiggle around too much.

I’m fancy so I made a set of three per person.  You can tie them on individually or as a set.  Individually is easier while as a set helps keep the charms in place.

Cute, fun, easy gifts!  Now I gotta go do those things I was avoiding yesterday!  Have a good weekend.