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After this week of Bar Method I have a serious ache in all the muscles around my mid section. A good ache. Every once in a while the instructor says “at the bar” and I’m giddy! Stretch “at the bar.” Pretzel “at the bar.” Curl “at the bar.” All the “at the bar” options target different muscles or the same muscles deeper, than their non bar sibling. Early this week we had an “at the bar” day and my waist muscles still hurt. There is nothing better than feeling like you worked that horrible mid section” area. That big blobby area between your boobs and your hips.

I’m a wimp during certain exercises or stretches until the instructor tells me it targets and slims my waist. Then I’m all in. Lay down and cross your right leg over your left. Grab your ankles and lift them up to you ears than down. Ummmm. I’ll pass. Until she tells me it will slim my waist and then I’m happy to contort myself into the ridiculous pose! Those are my magic words!

I don’t feel like you understand my pain so this is what I would like you to do. Head to the closest Bar Method class. This requires some of you to fly to the US or Canada. Worth it. Then keep going to class until you hit an “at the bar day.” It isn’t a popular teacher choice so it could take a while. No worries. It will give you time to perfect your technique. Then call me the next day so we can talk about how it now hurts to breathe.

What I do for beauty. It’s amazing.