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Asscher and Riggins model.

Asscher and Riggins model.

I tricked you again!  This isn’t really a step by step how-to since those are boring to write.  Instead I’ll just link you to the ORIGINAL how-to that I used.  You are way better off getting instructions from that lady than me.  Believe me.

This past weekend I went to a friends baby shower.  I’m not good at baby showers.  I never have been but it has gotten worse in my old age.  I don’t know if it is all the pastels (this party theme was “Breakfast with Tiffany” since the mother-to-be’s name is Tiffany so the colors were pretty cool), or maybe the overwhelming scent of flowers everywhere.  Perhaps it’s the silly games (games at yesterday’s function were painless … we have gone to/thrown a lot of these and have all learned) or the claustrophobic nature of oodles of women crammed into a small space.  If I’m being honest the entire event just leads to me being sad.  If you are a single with no children woman, like myself, baby showers can be somewhat torturous.  Thank goodness all your friends are around and it’s a joyful occasion or it would be too overwhelming.  Me?  I head right for the booze in a “Don’t (Note cupcakes.)mess with me just pour the champagne sans orange juice before my jealousy causes me to go insane and dive head first into those carefully displayed cupcakes!”  That’s right mothers-to-be if you want to know what your single/no children girlfriends are thinking during the festivities its pure jealousy calmed only by the soothing love of alcohol.  I suppose I may be the only person on earth who feels this way but I doubt it.  Perhaps I’m the only one who admits it.  

Still … baby showers are a happy time and even in my state I can see how overwhelmed with joy the mommy is.  Plus a friend’s baby shower gives me a reason to get out the sewing machine and be crafty.  THAT I really love!  (There is a JoAnns opening in my hood this Friday … I’m giddy.  I’m not going to be in town for the opening which kinda bums me out.  I bet it will be fabulous.)

photo 2 (1)My mom had recently made some receiving blankets for a friend and told me about them.  She had me at “self-binding.”  If you have ever made a baby blanket of any kind you know the binding is a real pain in the butt!  This blanket is “self-binding.”  THAT is something to celebrate.  

My mom and I carefully picked out material.  Of course I headed straight for the dog themes, as if there was any other choice.  My mom asked if the guest of honor like dogs and I said, “sure … who doesn’t?”  Since I felt bad for forcing my theme onto my friend I also picked out one just for her.  Because of my dog obsession my friend would get two blankets.

When I was ready to get started on the blankets I watched this how-to video.  HOW EASY IS THAT?  It’s kinda brilliant.  Self binding … and the corners … loving it!  Oddly enough it was as easy as the nice woman in the video made it seem.  The blankets turned out great and I HIGHLY suggest you give this a try.  It’s super fun and the result is an amazing burrito baby blanket!  Not just for babies … you can make them for anyone.  My mom photo 3made one for my sister’s puppy!  I love anything that can be marketed to both dog parents and human baby parents.  They are the two craziest of consumer groups and are goldmine!

To finish off the blankets, and make it painfully obvious they were handmade by yours truly, I added a couple little tags safety pined to each.  Everyone loved them and since you are in charge of the fabric choices you can control the colors and theme. Creativity at it’s finest!

There you go!  Get to sewing.  I’m off to take MY babies (Riggins and Asscher) for a walk!