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I’ve been making my bed for years.  Weekly I suck it up and strip down the dog hair covered linens and replace them with crispy clean new ones.  For my entire life I’ve put pillow cases on one way.  I grabbed the end with my teeth (some folks put them under their chin but I wasn’t one of them) and then forced the pillow into the sack and then violently shook it with all my might.  It didn’t work well and I nearly gagged each time I did it.  Still I stubbernoly continued doing that specific chore that way for years.  That was until I figured there had to be a better way.  A way that took less time and didn’t cause me to want to throw up.  Logically I knew there was no way every maid on the planet was making beds this way.  It was just too horrific.  I Googled other ways to do it and although they seemed super simple I couldn’t figure it out.  I used what I could from the tutorials and put together a signature move.  The Wendy Lobster Shimmy.  It is the best way to make naked pillows less naked!  (I realize people have been probably been using this method for years but I don’t care … it’s mine).  Here is what you do:

* Grab your pillow case and turn it inside out.

* Push your hands in and grab the two end corners from the inside.  Making lobster claws.

* Use your lobster hands to grab two corners of your pillow

* Flip the pillow case over.

* Shimmy it down!

Ta Da!  Confused.  No worries I made a tutorial video for you.  I look horrible in it so you are lucky I’m sharing it with you.  After watching it I thought about putting on make-up and shading, getting better light, finding a better location, and locking away the dogs.  All that seemed like a lot of work and I had already tried two takes so I wasn’t doing it again.  Please pretend I did …

Take 1:

Didn’t teach you much did it?  No worries here is take two (proof I need a professional make-up artist/team … and yes Asscher is humping me … she was excited by the entire production).

Take 2: