I’ve had a serious problem with my feet lately.  When I run, walk, hike, etc. the balls of my feet feel like they are on fire.  That 5K with Riggins last week?  I almost wanted to cry.  I WALKED the distance and still had serious pain.  I’ve always had problems but the past few months have gotten really bad.  I’m sure it is from wearing high heels to work during the day and the running I’ve done on pavement.  I manage to do a pretty good job ignoring it but the last couple races I’ve had it has been really difficult to ignore.  AND I’M ONLY GOING 3.1 MILES!  The thought of going any further (not that I would) is just unthinkable.  Then, while reading a runner’s blog the writer/runner said she was trying something called KT Tape for her knee problems.  I looked it up online and learned more about it.  KT Tape is that colorful odd-looking tape you saw on a number of Olympians.  Mostly on their shoulder or knees.  The website includes tutorial videos on how to place the tape on your body depending on your specific need.  There was a video for my problem so I thought, “why not?”

Before my Halloween 5K on Sunday I went to Dick’s and bought a couple of packs of tape.  The tape is supposed to last 5 days so I put it on Sat night and went to bed.  The next morning I got up early, pulled on my sneakers and a Halloween costume I could run in and set off for the race.  About 1/2 through the run I realized I wasn’t in pain like I would normally be and because of that I had more energy.  Lately my 5Ks have included walking … something I would never allow in before but now had become a necessity.  Not Sunday.  Sunday I had no need to walk.  I could power through without a problem.  It was great to be able to walk around after without hobbling around like a freak!  I even finished within the top 100 racers winning myself a nice happy pumpkin!

So I now heart KT Tape.  I think it is brilliant.  The body’s duct tape!  It can fix anything!  I really want my feet taped up all the time.  Sadly the tape didn’t last 5 days for me.  More like 2.  Monday I had it on at work but yesterday and today I don’t and that makes me and my feet sad!