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I’m angry at Match.com.  I was going to do the “right” thing and put together a well thought out letter to inform them of my unhappiness toward the company.  Alas, I’m having a bummer day and have no time, energy, or compassion for such an effort.  Instead I’m going to rant about them on this blog post and them direct them to it!

I’ve been a member of Match.com on and off for YEARS … Y E A R S.  I’ve been on many many dates, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  In general I’m an easy date “get” (vs. just an easy date).  I will go out with almost anyone that asks from the site.  If nothing else I get a drink and a story out of it.  Unfortunately constant interaction through the world-wide web has taken away people’s “dating” skills.  It is not uncommon for me to suggest we meet for a drinks (after a few emails back and forth) only to never hear from the guy again.  Apparently what these “men” are looking for is a virtual girlfriend and/or a hooker.  I’m neither of these things …. sorry boyz!

Over the past few months, lots of months, I’ve gotten no “hits” at all.  Everyday I go in and look at my 5 suggested matches and “show interest” in almost anyone who has a picture.  Nothing.  Nada.  Simply nothing.  No response.  No one cares.  Nothing.

CaptureSo I made the decision that seems obvious.  I stopped paying the site and cancelled my subscription.  Now I get hits ALL THE TIME.  Wacky right?  Guys “wink” at me, show interest, email … it’s a friggin’ Wendy parade on that site right now.  Now what has changed between pre cancellation and now?  I think it is more than obvious that Match.com is being a bit shady.  My theory is that they are now showing my profile to more people in their “daily matches.”  Like me, they are probably wondering why no one is responding to them.  We can’t …. we are off the site.  Good business … maybe.  Depends on how you define “good.”  Personally I consider it bad business as in bad customer service, bad reflection on your brand, bad money hungry folks somewhere sitting around being in charge.

Here is what Match.com could/would/may have said had I actually written that carefully thought out letter:

You have too many pictures with dogs.  Dogs are my job.  Like it or lick it.

You have too many pictures without make up on.  I don’t wear make up a majority of my day.  I look good … screw you.

Your profile doesn’t say much.  Like people look at anything but the pictures.

You don’t accept “everyone.”  True.  I tend to pass on those who I know will be upset by me being an atheist.  That is a pretty big deal breaker for some folks.

You don’t accept people who don’t want kids.  Right now that is a deal breaker for me.

photo (4)You don’t reach out enough on your own.  True enough.  I’m busy.  Back off.

You aren’t warm and feminine enough.  Screw you.  Your mom is a whore.  (This isn’t true.  I have not even seen Match.com’s mom let alone know if she is a “whore.)

Whatever excuse they come up with the truth is I’m getting WAY more responses now that I’m not paying for the service and can’t gain access/respond to nice men vs. when I was paying a monthly fee.