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photo 1 (16)One of the reasons I like making crafts and such is because I always feel so proud of myself when I’m finished.  I can stand back and say, “I DID THAT!”  I wanted my friends to have the opportunity to feel that way so I thought I’d invite them over to make their own 10 minute runner.  It just seemed natural to add wine to the mix.  This last Saturday my tiny house was full of crafty friends.  My dining room (which is tiny) became the sewing and gossip room.  The kitchen (also quit small) was the food and wine hook up.  My back entry photo (15)mud room (not really even a room) area housed the iron board and iron.  Finally my office (not a bad size) served as the cutting room.  It was like our own little factory.  Really boozy factory!  It was a lot of fun.

I’ve blogged about the 10 minute runner in the past (actually twice – here and here) so won’t make you read through all that again.  It’s a great project since it is fast and easy.  We had every level of sewing experience represented and everyone’s final result was perfection!
photo 3 (10) If you have a machine you can whip these up in no time.   Add a candle and they become the perfect hostess gift.  Everyone in my family has accumulated quite the collection.  One for each holiday/season … at least.

Even those who didn’t take part in the “craft” portion of the afternoon still had fun sipping on wine (a number of us drank the wine/sparkling water Giovanna special) and catching up.  Thanksgiving is almost here and one of the things I’m thankful for is being able to hang out and have fun with my lovely friends and family!