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photo 1 (32)3-5 times a week I drive into old Pasadena, park in one of the public parking garages and walk to the Bar Method Studio for class.  I have timed it perfectly so I’m parked there for less than 90 minutes, which means my car’s stay in the lot is free.   Every time I enter the garage I look at the cost for parking and shake my head.  Not because of the cost but because of my memory of the cost.

Years ago if you would have asked me how much it cost to park at one of the public garages in old town Pasadena my answer would have been $5.  If there were a couple people in the car the cost was $2.50 each.  4 people, $1.25 each.  Unless, of course, you didn’t make the driver pay since he/she was already paying for gas.  Wherever the many came from it was going to have to equal $5.  If this is true then tell me how I’m managing to get out of there for free now?  Well …. because it is a $5 flat rate after 10:00 PM.  Apparently that is all the cost information I required at the time.  That  means, at one point of my life, I only went to Pasadena after 10:00 PM.   Now if I’m not brushing my teeth at that time it’s because I’ve already been asleep for a good 1/2 an hour.

That’s how I know I’m old.

(Please enjoy a few pics from my 40th birthday celebration … more proof I’m old.)

(Wanna know how to make those classy headbands in those pics?  Check out this blog post.)

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