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photo (9)This past weekend I attended a bachelorette party and finally got rid of, I mean gifted, the last of my glass art. This also happened to be the first glass I decorated and it showed! It was a disaster of pink glitter, hearts and lace. Although to my credit, that is what it was supposed to be.

The hostess of the party sent me a link to a bride goblet she found online weeks ago and asked if I would make one for our guest of honor. Sure! I screamed. How hard could it be? This is what actually started the decorated glass gifting. I started by putting the bride’s name as well as the word “bride” on the glass but that looked horrible so I took that off (I used fingernail polish remover). This is also the point I learned that the glass marker really doesn’t mark on top of itself very well so my idea of a lovely “mixing of colors” on the stem turned into a bunch of chunky paint blobs. Once almost every inch of the goblet was covered in pink, purple or silver paint, I forced myself to set down the pens and walk away. I treated the glass the same way I did the others I have made.

I NEEDED sparkles. So I did what any intelligent person would do and took a crapload of glitter and mixed it in with some Mod Podge and sponged the beautiful concoction all over the glass yelling, “you can never have enough glitter!” The sparkles really helped class up the glass quite a bit! Once dry I realized that the glitter was on so thick it covered up my carefully constructed paint design. I stuck the glass under some hot water and scrubbed with some dish soap. This caused the Mod Podge to disintegrate (kinda) and with a few swipes of my nail it all came off. I stood over my sink and scrapped off a large amount of the glitter I had so expertly applied earlier. Oddly enough the glue/sparkle mix sticks REALLY well to my sink and it is still sparkly today. One good wash and the sparkles and glitter will come off the glass but, GOOD NEWS, the paint will (should) stay!

I had purchased a good luck charm and attached it to the glass with some appropriately frilly lace ribbon. The charm turns into a bracelet so the bride had a token of the night she could wear post party. THAT is how you make a personalized bridal wine goblet or a set of gaudy and sparkly drinkware! (The other ribbons you see in the picture each had a cowboy themed button on them and we used them to tie around our plastic wine glasses.)

image (10)For the party we took a 2 hour horseback ride through Griffith Park offered by the Sunset Ranch. At the end of the ride you sit down to a super yummy BBQ. Some of the ladies choose to skip the horses and just meet up for chow. The Sunset Ranch folks were beyond nice and took the initiative to separate our group from the bigger riding group so that we had a private horse party with a hunky male guide. We thought it was pretty clever of them to give the hottie to the bachelorette party. Honestly all the guys (and gals) who work at the ranch are hotties so it didn’t really matter who our guide was but I feel like someone somewhere had put some thought into who would lead our group out. Hottie (whose name, I think, is Douglas … but I could be wrong about that … sometimes I’m not the best listener) also played the guitar and sang during dinner which made him even dreamy-er. Hottie scolded me for playing with my phone while I was on horseback when I should have been enjoying the nature of Griffith Park but, I HAD to take pictures to document the event for you and the attendees … plus it was REALLY important for me to post to Facebook while I was up on the hill and had reception … tee hee.

The entire event was a ton of fun and I would suggest it to anyone who visits LA. They have a number of different ride options depending on how much you want to spend and image (7)how long you want to be out. They also have a ride that takes you to a local Mexican restaurant and then you ride back to the ranch. I did this a year or so ago and I like our 2 hour + BBQ ride much better. The other dinner ride is LOOOONNNNNGGGGG (at least for us non horse people) …. For the last 1/2 coming back to the ranch I was practically lying on my horse begging for the ride to be over and then at the end dismounted and laid on the ground for a bit. The 2 hour ride was the PERFECT length and there was no need for me to collapse after. I don’t even hurt today. I give credit for that to Bar Method inner thigh and but work. Thighs of steel I’m telling you!

Happy bachlorette day to our friend Emily (she is the one in the pictures with the pink tank top)!