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As you know I’ve had a headache for over a week.  I’ve also had a sharp pain in my lungs for a similar amount of time.  I felt it was time to go to the doctor.  My poor tortured doctor.  Here is some of our conversation.

Nice Doctor:  Hi Wendy.  How are you today?

Me:  Good.  I mean.  Except I’m here.

Nice Doctor:  Well what brought you in?

Me:  I’m pretty confident my right lung has collapsed and I have a brain tumor.

Cricket.  Cricket.  Cricket.

photo (74)In fairness to my doctor he is used to my overly dramatic self diagnosis.  In my past few appointments I’ve demanded my hand was shattered.  I had tendinitis and he told me to take ibuprofen.  That worked.  I’ve demanded I was having a heart attack and dying.  I don’t remember what the actual diagnosis was, short of me being crazy, but I’m sure he told me to take ibuprofen.  Today I was diagnosed with a tension headache (the most common of all the headaches) and some long name of something which just equals inflammation of something near my lungs that makes it hurt.  Cure for both?  Ibuprofen.  What did doctors prescribe before ibuprofen was discovered and put into a nice little pill?

Anyway.  I paid the nice man my co-pay and got the dogs and went to the dog park.  Since I wasn’t dying I figured I should jump back into life.